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Aristotle Biography

1. From Stagira to Plato's Academy (384-349)

Aristotle lived from 384-322BC, and is universally considered as one of the great thinkers of the ancient world. He was born in the city of Stagira in Macedonia . As the ancient Greeks had only one name, they were often referred to by their given name and the city at which they were born; thus: Aristotle of Stagira.

His father, Nichomacus, was the personal physician to the King of Macedonia, Amyntas; later, Aristotle would be tutor for a number of years to Amyntas' grandson: Alexander (later known as Alexander the Great). Aristotle Н s relationship with the Macedonian leadership was a complex one: he was certainly not an unconditional supporter, and indeed, differed markedly with his student Alexander over the status of Greek culture. Yet at the same time, Aristotle was denounced as pro-Macedonian by his enemies at strategic moments in his life (347BC and 322BC: read below).

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Books by Aristotle:

  • The History of Animals

  1. Book
  2. Book
  3. Book
  4. Book
  5. Book
  6. Book
  7. Book
  8. Book
  9. Book
  • Metaphysics

  1. Book 1
  2. Book 2
  3. Book 3
  4. Book 4
  5. Book 5
  6. Book 6
  7. Book 7
  8. Book 8
  9. Book 9
  10. Book 10
  11. Book 11
  12. Book 12
  13. Book 13
  14. Book 14